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Included in your Rainbow Springs day pass:


Free-flight bird show: 11.30am every day.

Guests MUST be seated in the bird show auditorium five minutes before show times. Strictly no late admittance, as it can cause the birds to fly away! 

*A 2.30pm show also runs during NZ school holidays and from 26 December to 31 January. 


EncountersEach day our team of experts run special encounters which allow you to get closer than ever to some of our favorite park residents including trout, reptiles and native birds. 


Nocturnal kiwi enclosure: Kiwi are shy, ground dwelling creatures who only come out under the cover of darkness. However, don't worry about missing them during your daytime visit to Rainbow Springs as we keep kiwi in our nocturnal kiwi enclosure. 

Outdoor no glass enclosure: Your Rainbow Springs day pass includes repeat entry for the day of purchase until closing (10/10.30pm). This means you can come back to the park once it is dark to meet kiwi in our outdoor, no glass enclosure. They often come out to play under the stars between 7pm-9pm - it's a magical experience not to be missed!

Kiwi static display: Learn lots of information about this unique bird, its history, why it's an an important aspect of our country and culture and how Kiwi Encounter plays an vital role in kiwi conservation.

Other Attractions

Big SplashFrom 9.30am to 5.00pm every day you can enjoy a relaxing and educational ride with a BIG SPLASH to finish.

Wairere Cafe: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a delicious ice cream with a waterfall view. There's plenty to keep the whole family happy at the Wairere Cafe.

Find It See how many tree markers you can find throughout the park and then enter our monthly competition. 

Playground: One of the most popular playgrounds in Rotorua is located right next to Wairere Cafe, so you can put your feet up with a nice hot coffee while the kids play.

Silver Fern: Our national symbol, proudly growing in and around the park. This native fern is one of the star attractions in Rotorua.

Trout: It's very relaxing to watch our trout swim. Come and see them in our underwater viewer and try to spot the GREAT BIG ones! You can also buy fish food to feed them!

Chat to Jenny the Kea: Rainbow Springs noisiest and most popular team member, Jenny, will pop over to say hello and often yells at you when you leave. As one of the most intelligent birds in the world, it's worth spending some time with a Kea that loves meeting people.

Matawai: The Matawai is our connection to our South Island roots and, at 1.8 tonnes, it's the thing to see in Rotorua. Big, beautiful and lucky, so they say. Make a wish on the New Zealand jade and it might just come true.

Additional upgrades:


Kiwi Encounter Behind the Scenes Tour: hourly between 10.00am and 4.00pm. $10pp in addition to a Rainbow Springs Day Pass or Annual Pass.