Discover the fun at Rainbow Springs!

Join us in nature for an action-packed day out! Get up close with the wonderful birds, bugs and beasts that call New Zealand home.

Explore nature. 

Set amongst the native trees and beautiful forests of Rotorua, Rainbow Springs offers a fun-filled day out for the whole family. You'll learn all about New Zealand’s fascinating natural history and meet the interesting creatures who call this great land of ours home.

Each day our wildlife team run lots of Animal Encounters which allow you to get closer than ever to some of our favourite park residents including trout, reptiles and native birds. 

New Discoveries. 

There's always lots of exciting new things to see and do in the parkGet ready to be amazed and entertained at our new and dynamic free-flight Bird Show. Have endless fun discovering our awesome new Playscapes and Waterplay area. Meet Whio (blue ducks) and Giant Kokopu, our newest park residents!

Remember to jump aboard the Big Splash ride on your visit to the park and get ready to be thrilled! You can ride as many times as you like! 

Meet Kiwi. 

Kiwi are shy, ground dwelling creatures that only come out at night. However, don't worry about missing them on your visit to Rainbow Springs as a guided tour of our nocturnal kiwi enclosure is included in your Day Pass!

Park News. 

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What's on today? (Tuesday)


Canopy Birds Encounter

Meet at the Tui Aviary

Walk into our canopy aviary and watch us feed our birds! Watch the natural ground foraging behaviour of the kākāriki, hear our tūī sing and see our huge kererū up close.


Juvenile Tuatara Feeding

Meet at Reptiles' Rock

Don't miss the opportunity to come face to face with this living fossil.


Exotic Birds Encounter

Meet at the Exotic Birds Aviary

Come down to our colourful exotic bird exhibits and talk to the bird keeper about the species we have on show and their individual quirks. Watch lorikeets get their favourite nectar feed, watch us enrich different birds and if you are lucky one may even talk to you!


Water Dragon Close Up

Meet at Reptiles' Rock

Meet our reptile keeper at the exotic reptile area, see an Australian water dragon up close! Interactive at keeper’s discretion.


Bird Show

Meet at the Rainbow Arena

Come and see our exotic birds in action! Guests MUST be seated in the Rainbow Arena five minutes before the show starts.

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Kea Encounter

Meet at the Kea Aviary

Meet at the kea enclosure through the front entrance, and help our bird keeper enrich our very clever male kea! Watch them solve puzzles for food rewards and learn some handy new tricks from the keeper.


Native Reptiles Encounter

Meet at Reptiles' Rock

Watch our native geckos and skinks get fed and learn what makes them unique to New Zealand.


Trout Feeding

Meet at the Trouts' Eye View

Meet the keeper at the underwater viewer and grab a handful of fish food to feed our giant trout.


Morepork Encounter

Meet at the Morepork Aviary

Learn all about this silent night bird from her keeper, and see what she's having for dinner!

Discover our fun Playscapes!

Hidden throughout the park are some exciting new Playscapes and Water Play areas that will teach you all about native species and conservation in a fun way! They're FREE with your Day Pass!

Meet Kiwi.

Rainbow Springs will get you closer to kiwi than ever before. During the day, meet kiwi in our nocturnal house!