Add a National Kiwi Hatchery Tour to your Day Pass!

See real conservation in action at the world's leading kiwi hatching centre. Our first egg has hatched!

See kiwi conservation in action with a National Kiwi Hatchery Tour.

National Kiwi Hatchery Tours

We're proud to be the world's leading kiwi conservation centre. 

Upgrade your Day Pass with a 'behind the scenes' guided tour of the Hatchery and get a special insight into the recovery efforts of New Zealand's national icon and our leading husbandry programme. 

Make a difference: funds from this tour go towards our kiwi conservation efforts. 

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Jam-packed full of fun!

Play, discover, explore. Your Day Pass really is just the ticket!

Guided Park Tours

Learn, see and discover even more about New Zealand's fascinating and rare wildlife.

Included in all Passes.

NEW! Activity Books

Upsize your fun with a Junior Explorer Activity Book and pencil. A new one each season - free with your Day Pass!

NEW! Sacred Spring & Plant Tour

Journey to a spring steeped in history and cultural significance. Not usually accessible to the public, this guided tour takes you to a sacred spring nestled in forest behind Rainbow Springs.

Big Splash! Big Fun!

The fun never ends with unlimited rides on the Big Splash!

Taonga: Treasures of New Zealand

Learn the history behind our taonga (treasures) in this engaging and interactive experience. 2.30pm daily. Included in your Day Pass.

Kiwi: Stick Your Beak In!

Our new interactive Kiwi Burrow experience is a must - and then see kiwi for yourself in our nocturnal house. Included in your Day Pass!

Kiwi, Kaka, Kea, Tuatara...

We have it all! Get up close and learn about the fascinating and rare wildlife who call New Zealand home.


Who said learning can't be fun?! Don't miss our playscape stations located throughout the Park. Designed to have you laughing … and learning!

Trout: It's In Our Name!

Did you know Rainbow Springs is named after our famous rainbow trout? Our famous friends still swim in our natural streams and you can even get up close in our special underwater viewer!

Nature At It's Best...

Lose yourself in acres of native bush and natural springs. It's a fun day out for all.

Watch our 2000th Kiwi Hatching