Daily Encounters

Get up close and personal

Close Encounters

Blue-Tongued Lizard Close Up - Meet our reptile keeper at the exotic reptile area; see an Australian blue-tongued lizard up close! Interactive at keeper's discretion. 10:30am Wed / Fri / Sun.

Water Dragon Close Up - Meet our reptile keeper at the exotic reptile area, see an Australian water dragon up close! Interactive at keeper’s discretion. 10:30am Tue / Thurs / Sat.

Native Reptiles - Watch our native geckos and skinks get fed and learn what makes them unique to New Zealand. 1:30pm Tue / Thurs / Sat.

Eel Feeding - Meet at the eel feeding platform. Listen to our keeper talk about our native long-finned eel and maybe you will get to see one feed. 3:00pm Tue / Thurs / Sat. 

Juvenile Tuatara Feeding - don't miss the opportunity to come face to face with this living fossil. 9.30am everyday. 

Adult Tuatara Close Up - for the last 65 million years the tuatara has been the only remaining species of an ancient order of reptiles that once share the earth with dinosaurs...come and learn more. 1.30pm Wed/ Fri / Sun.

Trout Feeding - meet the keeper at the underwater viewer and grab a handful of fish food to feed our giant trout. 3pm Wed/ Fri / Sun.  

Bird Encounters

Canopy Aviary - Walk into our canopy aviary and watch us feed our birds! Watch the natural ground foraging behaviour of the kākāriki , hear our tui sing and see our huge kereru up close. 9:00am Tue / Thurs / Sat.

Exotic Birds - Come down to our colourful exotic bird exhibits and talk to the bird keeper about the species we have on show and their individual quirks. Watch lorikeets get their favourite nectar feed, watch us enrich different birds and if you are lucky one may even talk to you! 10:00am Tue / Thurs / Sat.

Antipodes Island Parakeet - Meet at the Antipodes Island Parakeets enclosure and watch our keeper interact and demonstrate the natural foraging behaviour of this very rare parakeet. 1:00pm Tue / Thurs / Sat.

Kaka - Meet our bird keeper at the kaka enclosure to watch our playful bush parrot play with enrichment items and get fed. 9:00am Wed / Fri / Sun.

Weka - Meet our keeper at the weka enclosure. Watch the notoriously shy and endangered North Island weka sneak up to grab food and puzzle over enrichment items. 10:00am Wed / Fri / Sun.

Kea - Meet at the kea enclosure through the front entrance, and help our bird keeper enrich our very clever male kea! Watch them solve puzzles for food rewards and learn some handy new tricks from the keeper. 1:00pm Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun.

Morepork - Learn all about this silent night bird from her keeper, and see what she's having for dinner! 3:30pm Tue - Sun.