New Playscapes and Water Play!

There's heaps of new play installations hidden throughout the park - can you find them all?

Hidden throughout the park are some exciting new, hands-on play installations that will teach you about native species and conservation in a fun and interactive way. 

Find out what it’s like to see like a tuatara or dig for grubs like a kiwi. We've also got a large Water Play area where you'll get to experience the science of moving water mechanically! Our Playscapes are free with your Day Pass and are fun for the whole family! 

Discover Rainbow Springs

There's new stuff popping up every day at Rainbow Springs

Crack, tap and hatch like a kiwi.

Did you know that a female kiwi can lay up to 200 eggs in her lifetime! Find this Playscape and learn all about kiwi!

Wriggle, wiggle and climb like an Eel.

Did you know that young eels have been known to climb waterfalls up to 40-metres! You'll learn all about eels whilst you play on this Playscape!

Sniff, wrattle and shake like a Kiwi!

Did you know that kiwi can sniff worms out which are 10 centimeters under the soil? You'll learn all about kiwi whilst you play with this Playscape!

Learn how to move water mechanically!

Don't be afraid to get a little wet!