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15 January 2019

New Zealand conservation and environmental days to observe in 2019

Each year campaigns and events take place for raising awareness of the environmental issues we face in Aotearoa and how we can act for the greater good.

by Emma Mulder


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20 July 2018

Conservation Interview: Mark Paterson, Wildlife Programme Manager at Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs caught up with its Wildlife Programme Manager Mark Paterson to ask what it’s like being an influential figure at one of New Zealand’s most famous nature parks.

by Emma Mulder

Diary of a Kiwi Chick

Rudd Kleinpaste Kiwis for kiwi trustee and Bloomers

31 May 2018

My journey to adulthood

Image above: Kiwis for kiwi trustee Ruud Kleinpaste with me!

by Bloomers the Kiwi

Kiwi News

Kiwi chick, Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs

4 May 2018

Kiwi Hatchery Celebrating Record Season

As the 2017/18 season ends, Rainbow Springs’ Kiwi Encounter is reporting a 98.4% hatch success rate – almost four percent higher than its average over the last decade.

by Emma Mulder


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26 April 2018

5 things to do in Rotorua with kids

There is an abundance of unique activities and attractions to try out with the kids in Rotorua!

Kiwi News

Rainbow Springs kiwi chick Bloomers

29 March 2018

Tough Time Hatching

Kicking through the wrong end of an egg is a tiring entry into the world for a kiwi and could have cost a Coromandel chick its life.

Kiwi News

Kiwi chick George

24 March 2018

Prime Minister Visit

Prime Minister Bill English paid a visit to the park on March 24th 2017 to learn more about the park’s kiwi conservation work.

Kiwi News


20 March 2018

Lucky Hatch #88

Just in time for the start of Chinese New Year celebrations, Kiwi Encounter's 88th kiwi chick for the season has hatched on January 22nd - and coincidentally the chick's dad's...

Rainbow Springs Nature Park

1 March 2018

Celebrating 85 years!

What an incredible and unforgettable journey it has been so far!

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