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The National Kiwi Hatchery Tours are open daily from 8:30 - 2pm, excluding Christmas Day.
Rainbow Springs Nature Park remains closed. If you have an advance booking, a voucher or for information on passes please see our latest update.

Kiwi News

Rainbow Springs kiwi chick Bloomers

29 March 2018

Tough Time Hatching

Kicking through the wrong end of an egg is a tiring entry into the world for a kiwi and could have cost a Coromandel chick its life.

Kiwi News

Kiwi chick George

24 March 2018

Prime Minister Visit

Prime Minister Bill English paid a visit to the park on March 24th 2017 to learn more about the park’s kiwi conservation work.

Kiwi News


20 March 2018

Lucky Hatch #88

Just in time for the start of Chinese New Year celebrations, Kiwi Encounter's 88th kiwi chick for the season has hatched on January 22nd - and coincidentally the chick's dad's...

Rainbow Springs Nature Park

1 March 2018

Celebrating 85 years!

What an incredible and unforgettable journey it has been so far!

Kiwi News

Cadre Kiwi Chick at Rainbow Springs Rotorua

27 February 2018

Unique Footage of Kiwi Chick Hatching

We're proud to release this incredible unique footage of a kiwi chick hatching. This timelapse takes a photo every second of the six day hatch! The camera was carefully set...

Whio Blue Ducks, Rainbow Springs

1 February 2018

Welcome Whio!

We were to welcome two very rare Whio, or blue ducks, to the park on the 1st of February! This is the first time that Rainbow Springs have had Whio...

Kiwi News

Maungataniwha Kiwi Chick, Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs

27 December 2017

Christmas Hatch

A Kiwi Christmas came true for our Kiwi Encounter team with Santa delivering not one, but two chicks.

Diary of a Kiwi Chick

Rainbow Springs kiwi chick Bloomers

26 October 2017

Eating a lot of food so I can get big and strong

In the wild I would most likely be eating insects and fallen berries by now, but here at Kiwi Encounter the menu is little more extensive.

by Bloomers the Kiwi

Diary of a Kiwi Chick


20 September 2017

What happens after you tap, tap, and crack your shell

There is a strange serenity about being tucked in a shell for almost 80 days. You’d think it would be cramped in there, but it’s really quite cosy.

by Bloomers the Kiwi