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20 March 2018

Lucky Hatch #88

Just in time for the start of Chinese New Year celebrations, Kiwi Encounter's 88th kiwi chick for the season has hatched on January 22nd - and coincidentally the chick's dad's name is Bruce Lee.

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese, symbolising 'wealth', 'fortune' and 'prosperity', with 88 deemed even luckier - resembling double happiness. Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 28th when it becomes the Year of the Rooster.

The 357-gram - yet unnamed kiwi chick - is from the Rotokare Scenic Reserve, east of Eltham, managed by the Taranaki Kiwi Trust, which works throughout the Taranaki region to protect the Western North Island brown kiwi.

The chick's father Bruce Lee is aptly named as he's particularly 'kicky', using his big strong legs to defend himself.  Another one of his chicks hatched on New Year's Eve has now moved out of the brooder room into an outdoor enclosure where he/she will remain until it's a stoat-proof 1kg and can be released back into the wild.