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24 June 2019

Species of the Season - Longfin Eel

This season we’re celebrating the longfin eel. This long, slippery and slimy fish is classified as 'at risk - declining' and can only be found in Aotearoa, in all kinds of fresh water including lakes, rivers, lagoons and wetlands. Over-fishing and habitat loss are the longfin eels biggest threats and since 1840 New Zealand has lost over 90% of its wetland areas.

Fun Facts

  • Female longfin eels can grow to 2.5 metres long
  • Some eels can live up to a century
  • Young eels, known as elvers, are incredible climbers. They've been known to climb waterfalls, and dams up to 75m high!
  • It might look like eels have no scales, but they are jsut very small and embedded into their thick skin
  • Longfin eels can swim 5000km to the Pacific to breed!

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Junior Explorer Activity Book

Keep your eyes peeled for our new park activity book for kids coming out in July!

Visit our park with your kids and they can grab a free copy of our 'Junior Explorer Activity Book' to take with them as they explore the park. It's filled with fun activities for them to complete along their journey, plus some cool stuff for them to do at home.