Diary of a Kiwi Chick

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My name is Bloomers and I’m a little brown kiwi. I’m one of 24 kiwi chicks currently living at the Rainbow Springs’ Kiwi Encounter – where they rescue us from the wild as eggs and help us grow safely into strong young kiwi.

Did you know that October is Save Kiwi Month? This month is dedicated to raising awareness of the awesome work humans do to save kiwi. Because it’s such an important time I wanted to share my first month here at Kiwi Encounter with you, so you can learn what it takes to save a little chick like me.

Blog entries

Chapter One: When the humans saved my egg

Kiwi chicks can have a hard life in the wild if humans don’t help us. We only have a 5% chance of survival because of introduced predators. That’s why some volunteers from the Moehau Sanctuary came and collected us! Here's chapter one...

Chapter Two: What happens after you crack your shell

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me here at Kiwi Encounter. As well as learning to eat and having important health checks, I’ve kind of become a national superstar. Intrigued? Then welcome to chapter two…

Chapter Three: Eating a lot of food so I can get big and strong

I have really been enjoying getting my daily dose of ox heart, fruit and veggies. The food here ensures I am getting enough vitamins, proteins and other good stuff to help me grow big and strong. Check out chapter three...

Chapter Four: My journey to adulthood

I've moved on from Kiwi Encounter to my new home on the beautiful Motutapu Island. I am happy and I am free. Find out more about my 'kiwi creche' in my final chapter...