National Kiwi Hatchery Tour

Take a guided tour of the most successful Kiwi hatchery in the world!

As New Zealand’s iconic native bird, the kiwi is an important aspect of our country and culture.

Learn all about the efforts of our kiwi husbandry team, discover what it takes to hatch a chick...and if you're really lucky, see baby chicks in person!

Every Behind the Scenes Tour booked is a 100% donation to our kiwi conservation program, which helps ensure our ability to research, house and feed these precious birds so that we can continue to play a vital role in their survival.

The National Kiwi Hatchery Tour is only available in conjunction with a Rainbow Springs Day Pass.

Tour price: $10
Tour times: 9am-4pm on the hour
Languages: English
Duration: 30 minutes

Day Pass

From 8:30am each day

Adult $40 $36
Senior $36
Child (Age 5-15)* $20
Family (2 Adults, up to 2 Children) $99
Extra Child (Family pass) $10
Infant (Age 0-4) Free

For $10 per person, experience a behind-the-scenes guided tour of The National Kiwi Hatchery. All proceeds are donated to the hatchery.

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You can also book at the door, or by phone: 0800 724 626

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Learn about kiwi.

The kiwi is truly unique. It is a bird, but it has features more characteristic of a mammal! You can learn all about this interesting creature in our kiwi static display. It's free with your Day Pass.

Did you know?

Kiwi are omnivorous and although worms form a major part of their diet, they will also readily eat woodlice, millipedes, centipedes, slugs, snails, spiders, insects, seeds, berries and plant material.

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