The Big Splash: no rides operating between 12.15pm and 1.15pm

Rainbow Springs & Mitai Maori Village.

Beauty by night, meets the people of the land.

An exciting evening combination featuring Mitai Maori Village Cultural Experience and Rainbow Springs Night Tour.

Mitai Maori Village

  • Receive a warm welcome from Maori maidens.
  • Witness Maori warriors paddling on an ancient war canoe. 
  • View the uplifting of a Hangi meal and dine.
  • View a rich and powerful cultural performance.
  • Bush walk and glow worm viewing. 
  • Hear stories of the land.

 Rainbow Springs Night Tour

  • Go inside a kiwi enclosure and see them up close. 
  • See nocturnal creatures such as the morepork and tuatara. 
  • Hear striking calls of nocturnal birds.
  • See trout up close in the underwater viewer.
  • Learn about native plants and medicinal remedies.
  • Enjoy an easy walk accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.  


  • Adult $154
  • Student (10-15 years) $83
  • Child (5-9 years) $47
  • Child (4 and under) Free


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An Authentic Traditional Maori Experience!

An evening at Mitai will give you an authentic introduction to Maori culture leaving you amazed and in awe. Enter the world of Mitai.