Business Events and Functions at Rainbow Springs

Surround guests in serene, natural New Zealand beauty while experiencing a unique interactive experience with birds and reptiles at Rainbow Springs.  

We offer a special experience and provide many venues that boast a magical look, especially at night.

Alongside the picturesque Waterfall Lakes is the Wairere Cafe & Lawn. With the ability to accommodate 200 - 250 people for either a sit-down BBQ dinner or cocktail evening, the location is outstanding. Beautifully lit at night, this impressive venue suits day or night time functions and events.

The Big Splash ride is also available for exclusive use in the evenings! A nine-minute boat journey through the ecological evolution of New Zealand with an adrenalin-boosting 12-metre drop at the end. Perfect after a conference or as a team building activity. Nine boats each carrying eight people means 480 people through the ride in an hour.

Rainbow Springs has developed an experience that is interactive and offers the perfect environment for team building activities. One of the key offerings is the opportunity to eat, talk and walk with the local animals, giving the venue a special touch. We can also team up with Activities Unlimited to customise your team building experience with Rainbow Springs and our neighbouring partners Skyline, Ogo and Mitai Maori Village.

For more information, contact us on or +64 21 689 859.