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As New Zealand’s iconic native bird, the kiwi is an important aspect of our country and culture. During your visit to Rainbow Springs you have the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour of Kiwi Encounter to see exactly how we're helping kiwi at the largest and most successful kiwi hatchery in the world.

This behind the scenes tour offers a unique chance to experience a working kiwi nursery and hatchery. During the tour you will see each of the stages a kiwi chick goes through before being released in to the wild - incubation, hatching and raising. You will have a helpful and friendly guide on hand to guide you through our kiwi hatchery and answer any kiwi questions you may have.

Every Kiwi Encounter Behind the Scenes Tour booked is a 100% donation to our kiwi conservation program, which helps ensure our ability to research, house and feed these precious birds so that we can continue to play a vital role in their survival.

Tour price: $10pp 

(This Kiwi Encounter Behind the Scenes Tour is only available in conjunction with a Rainbow Springs Day Pass or Annual Pass). 

  • Tour times: 10am-4pm on the hour.
  • Languages: English.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.