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The Brown kiwi is rapidly declining in numbers on the New Zealand Mainland, with the kiwi population halving about every 10 years. The conservation programme that Kiwi Encounter is a part of, aims to try and slow the decline of kiwi, and hopefully turn kiwi numbers around.

Kiwi Encounter has established a charitable trust – the National Kiwi Trust – to assist with raising funds to help with the kiwi recovery work being done by Kiwi Encounter. Sponsorship of the Kiwi Encounter facility also helps with research into kiwi incubation and rearing techniques.

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Sponsorship and Donations

Kiwi sponsorship packs start from $50.00 and range up to $3000.00. We are happy to tailor a sponsorship package to suit you or your business though and donations in line with sales always works very well! To sponsor a kiwi chick and receive a unique Kiwi Sponsorship pack please contact us. Depending on the type of kiwi you sponsor, you will be able to follow the progress of your kiwi online! 

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Got the Goods? If you think you have goods or products of any kind that you think would be ideal for us, or you would like to volunteer, or help us fund-raise, we'd love to hear from you and make YOU a part of saving our kiwi.

Visiting the National Kiwi Trust (Kiwi Encounter)

Every Kiwi Encounter Behind the Scenes tour booked is a 100% donation to the National Kiwi Trust, and you get to see how we're helping kiwi at the biggest kiwi hatchery in the world. Tickets to the tours are only available in conjunction with a Rainbow Springs ticket.